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Star Trek MC was founded around 2012 by honkalonka. Star Trek MC has always been a place for players to roleplay as Starfleet Officers. Star Trek MC went offline for a few years until it was picked up by old (staff) members of the original server in 2018. Ever since then it has been in a constant development.


The Star Trek MC Staff is dedicated to help the players have the best experience on STMC. Unlike other servers, we don't really offer regular ranks like Helper or Moderator. Our staff ranks are embedded into the starfleet chain of command, so for example a Captain would be the equivalent to a Moderator, if you will.


The team of Gamemasters is constantly working on new, exciting roleplay events that players can attend and enlive a completely unique starfleet mission or a TV Show inspired mission. Gamemasters are players, who want to lead and organize their own events. Our roleplay happens around 2385 and it's based off of canon events, however from 2385 on forward, we build our own storyline.



Star Trek MC is a minecraft roleplay server based on the well known Star Trek franchise created by Gene Roddenberry. We aim to recreate our own missions and build our own timeline based on the events happened after Star Trek Nemesis. Players can create their own characters and join one of the known species and organisations and can even become a Starfleet Officer. Furthermore, players can rank up in their career and can command their own starship one day. We host weekly roleplay sessions, which are really well made and have a lot of content and development. When there's no roleplay session going, you can also free-roam and explore our server and visit well known locations.

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We offer a variety of custom builds and famous places from the series and movies to go to and explore! You can also become a Starfleet Officer and join a species of your choice. If you don't like the Starfleet and Federation, that's not a problem, too! We also offer other organisations to join such as the Cardassian Military, Maquis or the Ferengi Alliance and many more. So join today to not miss out on any update or roleplay sessions. Speaking of which, we are also offering weekly roleplay sessions, where you can re-live your favorite moments and manage your own mission and survive them. Our roleplays are uniquely built and the stories self made. Our Staff Team is working hard to make this place a comfortable and unique one!

Resistance is futile!


We at Star Trek MC want to offer you the most accurate worlds and ships that one can build in Minecraft. However, those maps and ships don't build themselves and we do want to move away from using public maps, so we are looking for people that are interested to live out their creativity and building skills here at Star Trek MC, rebuilding famous ships from the shows or even ships that have not been shown on official shows. We do require you to be as authentic as you can and therefore, we are using original blueprints to help make it real.

So if you are interested, please check out our APPLY page now! We hope to see you aboard soon!

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Carlo Dutko


Senior Staff (Captain)
Grant Varga


Senior Staff (Cmdr)
Miles O'Brien


Major update for STMC!

We've been teasing it for a little while now, but we have been working on a major update to our servers! As those of you, who've been on the server know, we were really limited with our maps and most of them were not really looking good with the current texture pack. This update will fix that.
Star Trek MC exists since around 2012 under the administration of honkalonka ! He and his teams have build a lot of ships and places we all know and love from the series. They are made in so much detail and with love and all of them are adapted to the texture pack. As we are the continuation of Star Trek MC, honka provided us with every map and plugin from the original server.

A detailed list of the maps can be found in this document. Every detail about what I'm saying here is found in the document above, but effective immediately, Starbase Sierra and the USS Akira will be put out of service indefinitely. They are going to be replaced by different ships. Again, please read the attached document for details and transfers....

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