Apply for Staff

Join our staff team and help make a difference!


STMC offers a friendly and understanding working atmosphere. We are all here for the fun. The STMC Staff Team is more than "just" a team, we have all become friends along the way of creating the maps, server and roleplay sessions. You will experience a truly new side of server staffing that is majorly implemented with Starfleet ranks. Joining the staff team does not mean you won't be able to attend roleplay events or rank up in Starfleet ranks. So fear not, you will still have the same responsibilities and chances to get promoted as everyone else.


To ensure that you bring some experience in the Star Trek franchise as well as on Star Trek MC, we have a few requirements, all applicants have to meet.

- Must be the age of 15 or older
- The ingame rank must be an Lieutenant Jr. Grade or higher
- Must be highly acknowledgable of the server procedures
- Must have advanced roleplay skills and must have participated roleplay sessions
- Must be in good standing with the STMC Staff Team and STMC Administration



As you become a Staff Member on STMC, you will take on new responsibilities outside and inside of the roleplay aspect. You will start as a TRAINEE (Staff in Training) and work on an assigned project (e.g. Starbase Infantry). Once that project is completed, it will be reviewed by the Senior Staff and Administration and if you've done well, you will be promoted to the rank of BUILDER, which also means you've become a full Staff Member. After that you can work your way up to SENIOR STAFF a.k.a Captain.
More information about our ranks can be found here.